About Us

Talofa!! Welcome to Tuvalu Central Procurement Unit (CPU) website. The Central Procurement Unit is a newly established unit within the Ministry Of Finance. Tuvalu parliament house passed the Procurement Act in December 2013.

Why a website?

Given the demanding nature of our procurement work it is vitally important to develop an accessible platform for everyone to be informed about our services to all our stakeholders and the public at large. A Central Procurement website is a must, given the need of disseminating better quality and up-to-date information for all our stakeholders. One of the key goals of the Central Procurement Unit is to develop its own website and perhaps to keep it simple and pave a way for expansion in the future.

  1. To populate information at a timely manner ;
  2. To provide vital and up-to-date information to all our stakeholders;

Central Procurement Mandate

The mandated functions of the Central Procurement Unit can be summarized as to provide policy and strategic advice and regulatory role as well as operational roles for all government procurement in order to maximise economy and efficiency, achieve transparency in procurement proceedings; promote competition among suppliers, contractors, consultants and no-consulting service providers. Moreover to provide fair, equal and equitable treatment of all suppliers, contractors, consultants and non-consulting service providers seeking to obtain contracts with the government, and to promote public confidence in the integrity and fairness of procurement proceedings.

Our key role is to promote accountability and transparency in all government procurement proceedings through the formulation and implementation of sound policies, standard procurement proceedings and regulations. To achieve this, we value your feedback from all stakeholders.

 The Tuvalu Central Procurement Unit (CPU) was established in late January 2014. This was after the Parliament House passed the Tuvalu Procurement Act 2013 in its December sitting 2013. CPU is mandated by law to provide procurement policy review and technical advice to all procuring entities within the Government of Tuvalu. And also to undertake all major procurement needs of the Government through its line ministries. The Central Procurement Unit is currently manned by three staff as shown in the unit structure below.

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